A Bodyguard in Baghdad (and Other Places)

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Camp Buckmaster out in the desert about 30 clicks from Tikrit where Saddam stored tons of munitions in the covered bunkers you see here - missiles, bombs, landmines, grenades, ammunition, etc - currently being destroyed by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal engineers:

Tons of fun

Buckmaster as seen from the air - we had no US military presence at all, so we had to be completely self-sufficient in terms of our security. If we weren't on PSD-duty that day, we were patrolling the desert looking for trouble:

Alone in the desert...

The local ambulance - a US medevac chopper on the apron at, I believe, Camp Speicher:

Not for me, thank you!

An afternoon at the range - we try out bits of kit for use while on patrol:

Two of the lads playing with a 5.56mm SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)

Me at one of the ammo-dumps:

Artillery-shells in the process of being cleared-up

Some aircraft-bombs due to be destroyed:

I wanted to take one home, but they made me empty my pockets...

Ordnance being destroyed:


The Ewok from Hell - our rear-gunner Taff on his piano:

Who's yo Baghdaddy?

One for a friend who doesn't believe I'm in Iraq...:

Ok, Dammod - here's your own personal SAM2 missile, complete with Iraqi flag

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