A Bodyguard in Baghdad (and Other Places)

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Of course, we had to get up to speed on our contact-drills very quickly - in this business it's vital to know how to react (and how your team-mates will react) in the event of a contact with insurgents:

Move, move, move!

A sneaky pic someone took of me while training at the crossed-swords:

Summertime - and the livin' is easy...

Driving in Baghdad can be rough:

Funny, looks like a regular car-crash - well, apart from the weapons and body-armour...

The Green Zone in Baghdad is the central, Coalition Forces-controlled part of Baghdad - a huge area where Saddam had his palaces on the banks of a 90-degree bend in the Tigris River. Very high security at the check-points into the Green Zone - deadly force is authorised against vehicles that don't stop quickly enough. Here's a view just after passing through the checkpoint:

Notice the 15' high concrete barriers at the sides of the roads

Here's a pic of the market, or souk, inside the GZ:

Green Zone souk

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