A Bodyguard in Baghdad (and Other Places)

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Some white phosphorus shells being blown-up:

Pretty from far, but a scary place to be...

The EOD team explodes the more dangerous munitions where they currently lie, but they take the "safer" munitions and place them in a calculated pile before adding C4 and blowing them up:


Sometimes the blast will cause small fires which heat the immediate area around them, causing secondary-detonations on the ground; of course, this means they can't go back into the area for at least half-an-hour after the last explosion:

Looking for fires, listening for secondaries...

A closer look at blowing stuff up:

A 155mm artillery-shell being prepped...

Step 2:

Det inserted...

Anti-tank mines added to the pile...:

These are extremely powerful and are designed to concentrate most of the explosion straight up

A shot ready to be detonated - you can see the C4 daisy-chained together with det-cord so they all explode at the same time:

Artillery shells and some big-ass mortar-bombs

A local shepherd reported missing by his family; from his wounds it's believed he was squatting in front of a 60mm or 80 mm mortar-bomb when it went off, killing him:

And this is why you don't mess around in these places

Our team got hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) about a week ago, setting the first vehicle's tyres on fire. This fire spread to the fuel-tank and of course the vehicle was a total loss, the guys having to debuss and then evacuate the area in another vehicle:

Everyone made it out ok...

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